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Toyota Tacoma Rebuilt & Used Engines


We are a repair shop in Los Angeles and we have been buying Remanufactured Toyota Tacoma engines from Engine World Inc for last 5 years and our customers our very happy with the quality. Price for their rebuilt engines are like used engine prices.

Ronaldo Sosa

We paid $1695 for 2.7 LTR 3RZ engine for our 1995 model Tacoma. Since distributor kind engines for Toyota Tacoma came only for 2 years we could not find any used engine for less than $1500. We gladly bought a rebuilt one from Engine World for $1690.

Allen shrumarker

Used & Rebuilt Toyota Tacoma engines

We dedicated this site to our best selling truck engine ! Toyota Tacoma engines have been our top selling motors for the past two years.

We have our own fully operational machine shop which makes it easier to rebuilt engines. We have the largest inventory of Used & Rebuilt Toyota Tacoma motors in United States.

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